Since its inception in 1989

Polyseal has remained a prominent contractor in the
Australian Waterproofing and remedial markets.

It is our commitment to our customers
that has led to the company`s growth
and continued success.

About us

Now operating in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and Queensland, Polyseal has maintained its presence in the marketplace by fostering a management team that is committed to solving complex technical issues whilst delivering a high quality end product for our customers.


To complement our array of services we have a dedicated team of administration specialists consisting of Estimators, QA managers, Project Managers and Contracts Administrators. This provides our clients with the comfort in knowing they have the most comprehensive management team to provide the only mutually acceptable outcome. Zero Defects, On Time, On Budget.


With the knowledge base of a skilled group of professionals, Polyseal is able to build on its reputation of being the preferred contractor to the Nation`s First Tier construction companies.

Quality Statement

Our purpose is to install products to satisfy the needs of our customers. We continually monitor our supplied products and strive to improve our services. The products used by Polyseal are chosen for their combination of superior performance and track record.


Our quality processes are designed to ensure the maintenance of the product quality through evaluation, inspection and verification processes at all stages of installation.


We are committed to comply with customer and statutory requirements and are committed to continual improvement of our quality management system in order to achieve a level of quality that enhances our reputation with our customers.


This level of quality assurance is achieved through a system of procedures that reflect our confidence and competence in our chosen fields. Our on and off site QA systems and training are designed to ensure that projects are delivered according to the specification and our custommer`s performance expectations.


We ensure that quality assurance is built into our processes and ensure that each individual employee is responsible for the quality of their work and takes pride in achieving a quality outcome

Who WE are?

Our clients

Commercial Contracting Firms

Polyseal commenced business as a waterproofing specialist that worked as a subcontractor to some of Australia`s leading first and second tier construction firms. We have maintained our relationships over 22 years of business and remain their preferred choice for the services we provide.

Building and Asset Owners

Building, asset and infrastructure owners and managers call on Polyseal for remedial expertise on new and existing structures. With the ever increasing values of key assets, our clients see the value of using a contractor that can provide relevant advice and service that will lead to a long term and efficient solution to their maintenance requirements.

since its inception in 1989, provided
specialist services to the construction
industry, building owners and operators
and infrastructure providers.

From a background in waterproofing new and existing structures using a variety of materials and techniques. Polyseal has grown its repertoire to include a wide range of activities including concrete repair works, carbon fibre and other forms of structural strengthening, cathodic protection and prevention, jointing, coating application to steelwork and concrete structures, epoxy flooring, fire service upgrades, pile wrapping, rail line reinstatement and re-grouting, minor civil works and associated general construction.


The varied nature of our specialist services has exposed our people to all major industry sectors including major construction, infrastructure, and mining and has enabled us to develop expertise in the use of a wide range of construction products and chemicals.


We maintain global alliances with material suppliers to enable us to source the most suitable products for our customers needs and to bring the benefits of international research to bear in our local markets.

Our Policies

Health and Safety Policy

Polyseal is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees, contractors, clients and visitors to our workplaces. Our policies and procedures are written to comply with the relevant Australian Standard.

Polyseal is committed to:

• Ensuring compliance to OH&S legislation as relevant to our business
• Implementation of our OH&S procedures across the business
• Providing our employees with the necessary tools and training to maintain a safe work environment
• Providing adequate supervision at our workplaces
• Investigation and reporting of all incidents so that systems and procedures can be modified as required to improve the work environment
• Promoting a culture of ‘Safety First’ in business.

Environmental Policy

Polyseal is a leading service provider to the construction industry. We are committed to the implementation of construction methods that benefit the environment in which we live and work.

As a group we commit to:

• Maintaining compliance with relevant statutory regulations and environmental standards
• Implementation of project specific environmental plans
• Strive for best practice to achieve ecological and resource sustainability
• Implement best practice for waste management and pollution control procedures
• Encourage environmentally friendly recycling
• Use of materials where possible that have low impact on the environment
• Continual training of personnel on environmental policy standards and procedures
• Continually review and update our company procedures to reflect current best practice



BASF Construction Chemicals



Enviro systems


Parchem Construction supplies





AIB - Australian institute of building

ICRI - International concrete repair institute

MBA - Master Builders Association

PDA - Polyurea Development Association

Polyseal is a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute and the only waterproofing industry member of the Defect Minimisation and Construction Research Project, a collaborative research project being undertaken by the University of New South Wales.

Polyseal management systems in respect of safety, environmental management and quality assurance are accredited to AS/NZS 4801:2001, AS 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008. Our corporate systems are lodged within an internal management web site which is regularly reviewed and updated and offers systems support via remote access facilities to our crews in the field.

Polyseal enjoys approved applicator status with many leading national and international construction chemical and product manufacturers,

We always offer a collaborative
approach and integrated solutions that
we tailor to each client`s unique budget and timeline


Polyseal offer a range of flooring alternatives that can be applied to your workplace. Depending on the alternative chosen, Polyseal Group can offer solutions that can be applied overnight or during a shutdown period minimising disruption to your workspace.
Products offered include:
• Polyurethane
• Polyurea
• Methacrylate
• Epoxy
• Polymer Concrete Flooring and Lining solutions.
Project Specific Outcomes Include:
• Polished Concrete
• Abrasive Blasting
• Non slip surfaces
• Chemical resistant Flooring
• Line Marking
• Coloured Flooring
• Impact resistant Coatings
• Dust proofing
• Hygienic Floors for food preparation areas
• Rectification of uneven surfaces. Creation of falls
• Rectification of damp areas


All buildings have joints that need some form of treatment.

Typical types of joints include:

• Construction Joints
• Expansion Joints
• Fire Rated Joints
• Seismic Joints
• Bridge / Road Joints

Polyseal’s experience with waterproofing techniques has led to an understanding of joints, their unique characteristics and the best way to treat them.

A well designed and installed jointing system, using materials such as Combiflex and Tricosal, will provide a waterproofing solution that will result in waterproof joints over the required design life.

Strict building regulations also call for Concrete slab and wall joints at vertical and horizontal surfaces to be fire rated and certified to minimise the risk of the spread of fire.

Road and bridge joints are designed for extremes in movement, environment and durability. Typically made of up a flexible joint with a steel plate cover for protection, it is important that the system is integrated into the structure to ensure a watertight system. Shopping Centre car parks and associated infrastructure are areas of typical application.



Polyseal specialises in the application of waterproof membranes and associated products on new and existing buildings.

Specific project requirements will determine membrane selection. Membrane types range from multi-layer bitumen torch on systems, to liquid systems applied with a roller or sprayed systems that can be touch dry in less than 30 seconds and can be applied at a daily productivity of up to 1000m2.

Correct selection of membrane will ensure a long lasting & durable product that will meet the client’s design requirements.

Areas of application include:

• Podium Decks
• Balconies
• Retaining walls / Basement Walls
• Internal Wet Areas
• Roof Decks
• Green Roofs
• Carparks
• Tunnels
• Tanks – Potable water, Sprinkler, Blackwater
• Bridge Decks
• Walkways

Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings

Appropriately chosen and well applied protective coatings assist greatly in maximising the service life and maintenance return period of infrastructure assets. Deterioration of concrete, steel and timber structures can lead to expensive repairs and downtime. Protective coatings provide an effective preventative maintenance measure that reduces costs in both respects.

Polyseal are familiar with a range of protective coatings designed to suit specific requirements. Working closely with our suppliers, Polyseal is able to offer the most appropriate solution for your project.

Protective coatings are typically applied to:

• Structural Steel
• External Concrete
• Steel or Concrete Piers
• Timber Structures
• Structures in a Marine Environment
• Miscellaneous Metalwork Items

As is the case with many occupied buildings, the renewal of coatings must be undertaken with minimal disruption to the customer’s everyday activities. Our experience and dedicated management team will ensure that any project carried out will be pre-planned to ensure minimal disruption.

Concrete Repair & Protection

Concrete Repair & Protection

Australia’s harsh natural and man-made environments provide mechanisms that attack concrete structures continually. From our residential buildings in coastal locations, to industrial and mining infrastructure in remote areas, Polyseal provide solutions and systems to assist asset owners to maintain and rehabilitate structures based on operational and budgetary requirements.

Services offered include:
• Patch repairs using proprietary repair systems
• ‘Micro-concrete’ or ’pea gravel’ concrete repairs to larger horizontal or vertical repair locations.
• Shotcrete repairs to large scale deteriorated areas.
• Removal and replacement of highly deteriorated structural elements.
• Hydro-demolition.
• Installation of sacrificial anode systems to ensure greater longevity of all of the above repair types.
• Installation of spray applied sacrificial anode coatings.
• Installation of zinc sheet anode systems.
• Design and installation of impressed current cathodic protection systems.
• Application of penetrating coatings such as silanes, siloxanes and migrating corrosion inhibitors.
• Crack injection systems for waterproofing and structural purposes including polyurethane and epoxy systems, rapid set  cementitious systems, crystalline waterproofing systems.
• Epoxy coatings and linings.
• Pile jackets and pile wrapping.
• Magnesite removal and repairs.

Structural Strengthening

Refurbishment and the change of use of structures and buildings, often introduces greater applied loads, or changes in the design load path. Structural strengthening is also often required as structures deteriorate over time due to corrosion of metallic, timber or concrete elements.

Modern strengthening methods use proven materials that offer less creep and elongation than steel and are less obtrusive, being thinner and lighter, yet offering up to ten times the tensile strength capacity of steel.

Strengthening methods include:
• Use of carbon fibre, aramid or glass fibre fabrics such as the MBrace System by BASF or the Carbodur range by Sika.
• Use of carbon fibre laminates.
• Increasing tensile strength characteristics on structures such as bridges, wharves, car park floor slabs, silos etc. using a combination of conventional and externally bonded fibre reinforcement systems.
• Reinforcement of areas where penetrations are to be made through existing floor slabs for example to install new stairs, escalators or the like
• Plate bonding systems whereby steel plates are bonded to existing structures using epoxy adhesives.

Building Repair & Refurbishment

Australia’s largely coastal building stock suffers deterioration due to the marine environment on a daily basis. Also Building practices of the distant and not so distant past have provided buildings with inherent defects and problems that require rectification. The need to upgrade or maintain the value of property investments also provides a driving force for the repair and refurbishment of buildings and infrastructure.

Polyseal offer a wide variety of services in this area and are able to handle the most complex of repair and refurbishment projects.

These services include:
• Major waterproofing rectifications of both internal and external wet areas.
• Replacement of windows and doors in timber, aluminium and steel.
• Design & construction of lightweight over cladding systems in Fibre-cement sheeting, pre-finished aluminium and other proprietary cladding systems.
• Cavity flashing and damp-proof course installation
• Balustrade removal and replacement to raised public spaces and balconies.
• Roofing and re-roofing in tiles, sheet metal and other proprietary systems.
• Internal refurbishment of hallways, foyers, stairwells and other common areas.
• Repair and refurbishment of swimming pools encompassing concrete repair to substructures, waterproofing and tiling.

Fire Safety Upgrades

The modern day requirements imposed by the Building Code of Australia in terms of fire safety, whilst stringent, are designed to safeguard the occupants of all buildings in the event of fire. These days any approval application for construction work is likely to be reviewed by the Local Authority for compliance with fire safety criteria.

Polyseal offer a wide ranging service to assist building owners with fire safety upgrades that includes:
• Fire separation works including fire rated walls and ceilings.
• Fire sealing using fire rated collars, pillows and sealants.
• Installation of fire rated doors and windows.
• Upgrades of fire hydraulic systems such as sprinklers, hydrants, fire hose reels and portable fire extinguishers.
• Installation of smoke and fire detection and alarm systems.
• Emergency lighting and signage.


When completing infrastructure projects in the face of demanding deadlines the grouting of machinery and rail mounting baseplates is often overlooked as being a critical factor in ensuring minimal maintenance in the future. Cracked or dislodged grout is often visible on facilities that have been in operation for periods of less than twelve months. The correct choice and detailing of grout in these areas is essential in order to avoid costly repairs and, worse still, the attendant down time of essential plant and equipment.

Polyseal offer expertise in the design and installation of grouted support systems using the latest in:
• Dry pack grouts.
• Hydraulic cement grouts
• Epoxy grouts
• Non shrink grouts

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