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All buildings have joints that need some form of treatment.

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Polyseal’s experience with waterproofing techniques has led to an understanding of joints, their unique characteristics and the best way to treat them.

A well designed and installed jointing system, using materials such as Combiflex and Tricosal, will provide a waterproofing solution that will result in waterproof joints over the required design life.

Typical types of joints include:

  • Construction Joints
  • Expansion Joints
  • Fire Rated Joints
  • Seismic Joints
  • Bridge / Road Joints

Strict building regulations also call for concrete slab and wall joints at vertical and horizontal surfaces to be fire-rated and certified to minimise the risk of the spread of fire.

Road and bridge joints are designed for extremes in movement, environment and durability. Typically made of up a flexible joint with a steel plate cover for protection, it is important that the system is integrated into the structure to ensure a watertight system.

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